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Indonesia shifts focus from U-17 to U-20 World Cup in 2025


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia’s U-17 World Cup committee chair who is also the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) president Erick Thohir expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in making the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Indonesia a success.

According to Erick, the world applauded Indonesia’s achievements as a participant and host for holding this world-class football event. Thanks to this success, Indonesia is given the opportunity from FIFA to bid as a candidate to host the world tournament.

“Thank you, Indonesia, for all our achievements as host of the U-17 World Cup which have received worldwide appreciation. Thanks to this success, the opportunity to nominate to host the U-20 World Cup in 2025 and the 2025-2029 U17 World Cup is wide open. And God willing, we will try to nominate together with Singapore,” said Erick.

Erick specifically expressed his gratitude to Indonesian President Joko Widodo who has been the driving force behind Indonesia’s success in holding the U-17 World Cup. President Jokowi, said Erick, gave his full support by encouraging all stakeholders to be involved in ensuring the event a success.

“Special thanks to President Jokowi, who from the start encouraged all government agencies at central and regional levels to be involved in making the U-17 World Cup a success. Thanks to the great work led directly by Mr President, Alhamdulillah, the world appreciates us. This is certainly a historical record who will be remembered by us and our grandchildren.”

Erick also thanked the regional heads and their staff who had worked hard to prepare all the excellent infrastructure and facilities.

“To the Governor of West Java, the Mayor of Bandung, the Provincial Government of Jakarta and East Java as well as the Mayor of Surabaya, the Provincial Government of Central Java, and also the Mayor of Surakarta who have worked extraordinarily hard together with all their staff and provided the best service. I congratulate and thank you for your playing a big role in the success of the U-17 World Cup,” added Erick.

Erick also gave special appreciation to all PSSI management and committees who have worked hard to make the World Cup a success, starting from committees in the central structure, regional structures, security officers, field officers, drivers, to cleaning staff.

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Erick also expressed his gratitude for the extraordinary contribution of the Indonesian people and national football supporters who were one of the main actors in the success. “Once again, congratulations and infinite thanks, especially to the spectators and supporters. Your hard work has made us proud.”

Erick also gave high appreciation to the sponsors who have contributed greatly to supporting all operations during the World Cup. “This proves the commitment of companies, both private, multinational and state-owned companies, to fully support the government in its efforts to make the U-17 World Cup a success,” said Erick. (rr)


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