Friday, December 1, 2023 | 03:44 WIB

Indonesia sends a diplomatic protest note to Fiji for supporting separatist movement


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian government is furious over the meeting between Fijian Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka with United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) chairman Benny Wenda during the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting in Nadi City, Fiji.

In the government’s views, Fiji has openly supported Wenda, a separatist figure who often calls for an independent Papua, reported CNN Indonesia, Friday (3/3).

“From the Indonesian side, we have sent a demarche,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah.

The stance came to the fore after Rabuka shared his meeting with Benny via his social media account and openly declared his support for him and his organization.

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“Yes, we will support them (United West Papua Liberation Movement) because they are also Melanesians,” Rabuka wrote.

Radio Free Asia previously reported that prior to Rabuka regime, Fiji had never expressed its support for the Papua separatist group in order to maintain good relations with Indonesia. (un)


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