Indonesia pushes the inclusion of people with disabilities issue in the G20 presidency

Angkie Yudistia
Special Staff to the President Angkie Yudistia. Photo: Instagram

Jakarta, IO – The inclusion of “People with Disabilities” in multiple sectors is one of the issues discussed in Indonesia’s G20 presidency. 

“With the “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” theme, this G20 forum is a landmark moment for Indonesia. We will demonstrate that Indonesia’s leadership in the G20 may bring benefits for developing countries in the world, and Indonesia in particular, to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities in multi-sectors, especially digital transformation,” said Special Staff to the President Angkie Yudistia, Monday (3/14/2022). 

Angkie observed that the disabilities issue at the G20 forum was a breakthrough and positive development in Indonesia’s presidency. “Inclusion for people with disabilities, particularly in providing employment and economic empowerment, will be the Government’s focus in the G20 this year,” she said. 

The G20 presidency is an impetus for Indonesia to propel the multisectoral inclusion of people with disabilities. Indonesia also accelerates digital transformation to promote national economic revival and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Angkie believes that far before the world was hit with this pandemic in 2020, people with disabilities had met with significant challenges and obstacles to access information, health, transportation, infrastructure and employment. Hence, at the G20 forum, the Government is synergizing to provide access to information and communication through a digital Information and Data Center. 

She hopes the provision of videos, telephone and chatbots for complaints and information systems may help address the challenges of people with disabilities in this era of ceaseless technological disruption. 

People with disabilities can reach the DITA, a local acronym meaning “national disabilities”, by calling 143. The 143 DITA call center is managed by the National Commission for Disabilities and has been active since February 1, 2022. 

“This information and call center system will facilitate people with disabilities to access information, such as data on employment, health, education and other issues they face. Thus, people with disabilities in Indonesia can enjoy easy access to information,” she explained. (eka)