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Indonesia – Korea Conference 2019: Charting a blueprint for robust partnership


IO – The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia hosted the Indo­nesia – Korea Conference 2019 at Soehanna Hall Energy Building, on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. The conference, following the theme of “Charting a Blueprint for Robust Partnership” received attention from various groups, including observers of Indonesian- South Korean relations, academics, and various groups, es­pecially the younger generation who admire Korean culture. The seminar lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., covering interesting topics that are of popular concern.

In his opening remarks, the Am­bassador of the Republic of Korea to Indonesia H.E. Kim Chang-beom began by sharing his experiences when he traveled around Java, on a one-week trip. The Ambassador visit­ed several cities on the island of Java such as Jakarta, Cirebon, Brebes, Solo and Surabaya. Everywhere Mr Kim and his team went, they were wel­comed with warm smiles and friendly requests, “Korean friends, please come again!”

 Mr Kim said, “The Embassy’s trip was one of many occasions that demon­strated the ever-deepening trust and co­operation between Korea and Indonesia. As leading democracies and champions of free trade in the region, Indonesia and Korea are natural partners. Over the course of four decades, the relationship between South Korea and Indonesia has grown into a thriving partnership”. He also mentioned that today the strong bilateral trade exceeds 20 billion dollars.

Indonesia-Korea Conference 2019 is held just a month prior to the inaugura­tion of a new administration in Indone­sia, making it all the timelier and more meaningful. The conference is expected to greatly contribute to the efforts as the two countries attempt to draw new blueprint for the development of bilateral relations for the next five years. Through the Indonesia-Korea Conference 2019, it is expected that the two parties will gain a greater understanding and apprecia­tion of both the special strategic part­nership and the strength and vision to face an era of volatility and uncertainty as friends.

The conference was divided into three sessions. The topic for the first session was Indonesia – South Korea Economic and Business Cooperation Strategies to Move Ahead Together, while the second session dealt with Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Possible Scenarios and Challenges. The topic for the third session was Indonesia – South Korea Socio cultural Partner­ship: Friends with Heart-to-Heart Un­derstanding. (OHW)


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