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In memoriam Ahmad Syaf’i Maarif Farewell to one of the best sons of our Nation


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia is in mourning: one of our prime religious intellectuals, a spiritual teacher of the nation, a fighter for pluralism has gone home, to his eternal resting place. 

“Muhammadiyah and Indonesia are in mourning. The Buya (Religious Elder) Prof. Dr. H Ahmad Syaf’i Maarif died on Friday, 27 May 2022 at 10.15 WIB at the Muhammadiyah Gamping Congregation’s Welfare Guidance Hospital, four days before his 87th birthday,” reported General Chairman of Muhammadiyah’s Central Management, Haedar Nashir, in his formal statement made on the same day of the death. “Buya Syaf’i was hospitalized on Saturday 14 May 2022 because of difficulty in breathing. The Hospital declared that his condition had improved, only for it to worsen and lead to his death later on. He will be buried in the Muhammadiyah’s Husnul Khotimah Cemetery.” 

Buya Syaf’i was both a strongly religious man and a prominent scholar Indonesia can be proud of. He was the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah’s Central Management in 1998-2005, a former President of the World Conference on Religion for Peace (WCRP), and founder of the Maarif Institute.

Born in Sumpur Kudus, West Sumatra, on 31 May 1935, Syaf’i sought his fortune in Java and continued his studies in the Muhammadiyah’s Madrasah Mu’allimin in Yogyakarta. Upon graduation, he served for a year in one of Muhammadiyah’s educational institutions in Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara. After that, he entered the Cokroaminoto University in Surakarta to study Law. 


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