Improving underwriter performance, PERUJI performs management regeneration

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – After passing through its first management period, Indonesian Life Underwriter Association (PERUJI) performed their management regeneration in Discovery Hotel, Ancol, Jakarta, Tuesday, August 13 2019.

The election of the committee that lasted for one day finally determined Radix Yunanto as the Chairman of PERUJI for 2019-2021 period. Before, several candidates, coming from Head Underwriting from every Life Insurance company all across Indonesia were selected. Several of the basic qualifications are the candidates had to be in the position of Underwriting Manager, Head Underwriting, or Chief Underwriting who demonstrated their talent in the fields of Underwriting for a minimum of 5 years.

The handover of the position as well as the Inauguration of New Management was performed by the Chairwoman of PERUJI for period 2014-2019, Dr. Asri Wulan, to Radix Yunanto (Chairman of PERUJI period 2019-2021) and witnessed by all members of PERUJI. Meanwhile, the PERUJI Board of Directors for 2019-2021 period will be elected by the Chairman of PERUJI in a short time.

This regeneration had the support from Financial Services Authority (OJK) as the regulator agency. This was conveyed by the Deputy Director for Insurance Monitoring, Kristianto Andi Handoko, in his remarks when opening the series of event for PERUJI 2019 seminar and management regeneration.

“OJK congratulates all the new management of PERUJI. We hope they will keep up their good work, their independence and integrity, playing an active role to protect the Life Insurance Industry, so the industry will keep healthy and grow. OJK also supported the event of PERUJI 2019 Seminar as the realization of PERUJI’s commitment in the development of knowledge and understanding all the members for the function of Underwriting,” he said.

Meanwhile, Radix Yunanto, the elected Chairman of PERUJI for 2019-2021 period, admitted that he felt honored and grateful for the trust given to him. However, according to Radix, there are still many big challenges they need to overcome regarding the awareness of Underwriting profession in the era of Industry 4.0.

“The biggest challenges for Underwriters these days are how they have to be flexible in the midst of Industry 4.0 while keeping the Fundamentals and Philosophy of Underwriting as their guide,” he said.

Facing those problems, Radix has several agenda and long-term programs planned for Underwriter skill development, while being beneficial to the development of the whole Life Insurance Industry in Indonesia.  

“in the future, PERUJI will increase training and workshops focused on increasing the ability of Underwriters facing Industry 4.0. Further, PERUJI will seek partnerships with stakeholders in the Life Insurance Industry, namely OJK and other Professional Associations for the betterment of the Life Insurance Industry in Indonesia,” Radix explained.

Along with the change of management, PERUJI also held a seminar regarding the Underwriting world titled “Does It Make Sense?”. This seminar was attended by 100 attendees, consisting of Underwriting Heads, Underwriting Managers, Chief Underwriters, and also Senior Underwriters from Life Insurance Companies all across Indonesia. For the speaker, PERUJI invited Dr. Akhsay Kulkarni from RGA, Ms. Wong Wai Fung from Munich Re, and Dr. Trilis Yulianti from Prodia.

This seminar discusses cases and the challenges that are often encountered by underwriters in their job. That’s the topic which we’ll discuss together at this seminar,” Dr Asri explained in the seminar.

Regarding the management of PERUJI for 2019-2021 period, Dr. Asri said, there are two annual agenda inside the PERUJI’s Article of Association which are hoped to be able to bring changes and improvement for PERUJI and for the Underwriting profession in the world of Indonesia’s Life Insurance industry.

“We’ve been in management for 5 years. For our first 2.5 years we formed an association, determining what we’ll be achieving in our management period, and also how the strategy is implemented. Then the next 2.5 years we focused on pursuing an activity as an association. Now’s the time for election for new chairperson and management. We hope that PERUJI will be improved with new ideas from the new management. We trust that what we get in the Articles of Association can be carried out well,” Dr. Asri ended.