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Imam Arifin & Rizka Lailatul Rohmah qualify for National Pilmapres Final


IO, Solo — Imam Arifin and Rizka Lailatul Rohmah from Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta are finalists in the National Selection of Outstanding Students (Pemilihan Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional – “Pilmapres”) 2020. Imam Arifin for Undergraduate Program, Rizka Lailtul Rohmah for Diploma Program. This result was announced on Tuesday (8/25/2020) by the National Achievement Center Ministry of Education and Culture. 

The two students passed a series of selection process exams: portfolio selection, CBT (Computer Based Test) for English and National Awareness, and Creative Ideas selection. This achievement was the first after the UNS representative passed national level National Outstanding Students selection for Diploma Program in 2018 and 2013 for Undergraduate Program. The next stage that awaits the finalists in the national selection will be conducted on September 12, 2020. 

When announced as the finalist of National Outstanding Students 2020, Rizka admitted that she is very happy and grateful. In this competition, Rizka, who is a 7th– semester student in the Health and Company Hygiene and Work Safety Program (K3), submitted floods preparedness apps as her creative ideas. 

“The application that I submitted is for Surakarta Flood Management (SURA FM) which aims to provide information for the community on disaster mitigation. The comprehension of disaster management is important so that the community will fully understand the flow of events and responses, from the start to the end. This includes prevention, handling, and recovery to increase the capacity of the community is facing floods to avoid casualties and minimize losses,” she explained in an interview with on Thursday (8/27/2020). 

Meanwhile Imam, 7th-semester in Soil Science Program (FP) UNS, submitted an Android-based beach sands irrigation monitoring system. Imam pointed out the great potential of beach lands for agricultural cultivation development. As preparation for the final stage, he will upgrade details of the idea he submitted. 

He tries to improve his critical and tactical thinking and provide a solution. He also learns from the experience of other students and prays, hoping that on this occasion, he and Rizka can present the best results for their university. (est) 


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