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IHGMA International Confex 2019: hoteliers’ West Java multi-event upgrading


IO, Bandung – The IHGMA Confex 2019, a multi-event comprised of Conferences, Exhibitions and Business Presentations for hotel entrepreneurs, was organized by the Indonesia Hotel General Managers’ Association (“IHGMA”). It is a great opportunity for developing modern tourism knowledge and expanding vision, aptly titled “Traverse Professionality for Sustainability” was inaugurated today, 25 November 2019, at éL Hotel Royale Bandung by West Java Governor M. Ridwan Kamil and I Gede Arya Pering Arimbawa, S.E., CHA. M.Si., (IHGMA Acting General Chairman). 

The Conference was held to discuss current issues arising in Indonesia’s tourism industry. A speech on “Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Era” was given by M. Ridwan Kamil, followed by a presentation by the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Other presentations include: “Next Level Hotel in 5G Technology” from Alaric, Huawei, and Telkomsel; “Professional Ethics” by Drs. I Gede Ardika, former Minister of Cultural and Tourism in the Mutual Assistance Cabinet (2001-2004); “Getting Closer with Microsoft”, a discussion on “Fintech” presented by prestigious organizations and businesses including Bank Indonesia, Tiket.COM, and OVO; the event culminated with a discussion on “Halal Tourism: Perspective, and opportunity Challenges”.

The Exhibition is focused on the latest trends in tourism products and services. Exhibitors included Indonesian hoteliers, provincial Tourism Offices, and the Tourism and Culture Office. 

IHGMA Confex 2019 Business Presentation is meant to introduce and connect hotel businesses and users (for example, travel agent, service corporations) with each other. It is the optimum opportunity for networking and partnerships. After having attended business presentations, corporate representatives from Jakarta were taken on a tour to several spots and were introduced to the culture of West Java, especially in Bandung. These include a visit to Saung Angklung Udjo (“Udjo’s Angklung House”), travelling around using the Bandung Tour on a Bus (“bandros”) service, so that they would have special memories about the event when they return home to Jakarta. 

“As the host, we want to show everyone the beauties of tourism in West Java, both in terms of natural and cultural beauties. I hope that we can become “sauyunan”. This Sundanese term means having the same idea, the same understanding in achieving a goal. In this case, the goal is to advance tourism in West Java in particular and in Indonesia in general. We are doing our best to become a good host who provides the best service as we serve our guests,” said Iwan Rismawardani, Chairman of IHGMA’s West Java Regional Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Daerah – “DPD”). 

“We are very grateful to all speakers for having shared the knowledge and experience that they have gained in their respective fields. We also thank the sponsor of the event, media partners, the organizers, and all participants. Hopefully this event will prove useful as a new step towards better tourism in Indonesia,” said I Gede Arya Pering Arimbawa. 


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