Tuesday, November 28, 2023 | 23:40 WIB

Ignoring “No Swimming” sign, Kelingking Beach sees many accidents involving tourists


Jakarta, IO – Kelingking Beach and a slew of other beaches in the waters off Nusa Penida, Bali, have seen many accidents because some tourists chose to ignore the safety and regulations.

In the latest incident, a tourist from Germany was rescued after he was dragged by strong waves while swimming at the beach. He was also found to have severly injured his right arm, reported Kompas, Monday (22/5).

Indeed, warning signs prohibiting swimming have been installed at several sites on the beach. However, a tour guide from Nusa Penida, Made Sukarya, said there were still many visitors who violated the safety rules.

“Many tourists come here. But there are some who do care about their safety,” he said.

“Sometimes there are even tourists who deliberately seek high waves We tried to warn them they didn’t care. They are looking for thrills.”

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Kelingking Beach is considered dangerous for swimming and other water sports due to the narrow coastline and big waves from Indian Ocean.

But tourists are still allowed to visit to enjoy the beauty of the white sand beach. Now, the local government is mulling a proposal to increase the number of life guards, from only five. (un)


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