IDR 100.46 trillion requested for 2022 Ministry of Public Works and Housing Budget

Minister of Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimuljono. (Photo: Dok. Kementerian PUPR)

IO – Minister of Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimuljono suggested to the House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat – “DPR”) an indicated budget limit of IDR 100.46 trillion for his Ministry in 2022. “The indicated budget limit for the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in 2022 in accordance with the Joint Letter of the Minister of Finance and Minister of National Development Planning/Head of the National Development Planning Agency No. S-361/MK.02/2021 and B.238/M. PPM/D.8/PP.04.02/04/2021 dated 29 April 2021 is IDR 100.46 trillion,” he said, during a Work Meeting with DPR RI Commission V in Jakarta, Wednesday (02/06/2021). 

This indicated budget limit for 2022 includes staff operational costs (IDR 2.87 trillion); goods operational costs (Component 002 – Equipment and Supplies) (IDR 2.23 trillion); education and training (IDR 4.56 trillion); structures, facilities, and network maintenance funds (comprised of routine maintenance, regular maintenance, rehabilitation, and emergency/ disaster reserve [IDR 22.45 trillion]; and multiple-year contract up to March 2021 [IDR 29.82 trillion]). The budget limit is also going to be used for implementing duties and functions, which includes non-operational expenditures, work-intensive program expenditures, and land procurement for non-national strategic programs (IDR 18.64 trillion). 

A breakdown of expenditures by directorates: General Secretary (IDR 641 billion), General Inspectorates (IDR 101 billion), Directorate General of Water Resources (IDR 41.04 trillion), Directorate General of Highway Construction and Management (IDR 39.7 trillion), Directorate General of Public Works (IDR 12.5 trillion). Directorate General of Housing (IDR 5 trillion), Directorate General of Construction Management (IDR 600 billion), Directorate General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Funding (IDR 250 billion), Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (IDR 225 billion), and HR Development Agency (IDR 400 billion). 

The 2022 budget limit will be more focused and prioritized on the utilization of completely-constructed infrastructure. This is in line with the 2022 Government Work Plan Theme, “Economic Recovery and Structural Reforms” with its seven national priorities (strengthening economic security for fair and quality growth; developing regions to reduce gaps and ensure equality; improving quality and competitiveness of our human resources; mental revolution and cultural development; strengthening infrastructures to support economic development and basic services; environmental development; improving resistance to disaster and climate change; and strengthening politics, legal, and security defense stability and transforming public service). 

The budget will also be used for constructing new infrastructure, including 37 dams. “For next year, the plan was changed from the construction of 25 to 37 dams, because many of the dams planned for construction in 2021 are being held back,” he said. “Furthermore, we also budget for things such as repairs of bridges and road infrastructure, as well as construction of water resource infrastructure like irrigation and flood control facilities.” (eka)