IDI’s 6 recommendations to contain Covid-19 variant BA.4 & BA.5

PB IDI held press conference on the handling of Covid-19 new variants. (Source: PB IDI)

Jakarta, IO – The Executive Board of the Indonesian Medical Association (PB IDI) issued six recommendations to tackle the new variants of Covid-19, namely BA.4 and BA.5. This recommendation must be implemented because the pandemic is believed to be far from over.

“First, we urge that the mask mandate in open spaces be reimposed,” said IDI infectious diseases study task force spokesperson Dr. dr. Erlina Burhan at a press conference on Tuesday (21/6).

BA.4 and BA.5 variants have been detected in Indonesia (Source: PB IDI)

“Secondly, the negative PCR rule for travellers to be reinstated. Thirdly, increase tracing and testing measures. Fourthly, conduct massive education about prevention because the pandemic is not over yet. Fifthly, to urge policy makers such as governors and regents to increase booster shots. And last but not least, to implement a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) program.”