IDAI: 100 children suffer from mysterious kidney failure in the past two months

Ragam Ilusi di Ufuk Pesisir
Children of the Kalibaru village playing on a wooden slide of a ladder. (IO/Andi Muhamad)

Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian Paediatrician Association (IDAI) reveals that in the last two months there has been a spike in cases of acute kidney disease affecting about 100 children, the cause of which is still unknown.

According to Dr. Henny Andriani, SpA(K) on Tuesday (11/10), the difference between this disease and the previous case is that the condition worsens more quickly and it occurs suddenly. Most patients are under the age of six and they have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 vaccine, reported Detik.

“We use the term progressive acute kidney disease because they happened quickly. These are highly unusual. We are still studying the cause by providing therapy for these children,” explained Dr. Henny.