ICMI requests Vice President to visit campuses and combat radicalism

ICMI proposes a vigorous campaign on campuses to strengthen values. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Management of the Indonesian Association of Muslim Intellectuals (Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Indonesia – “ICMI”) met with Vice President Ma’ruf Amin. ICMI’s General Chairman Jimly Asshiddiqie stated that they discussed many issues in the meeting, including liberalism in many fields. “How to enliven, to encourage, to strengthen intellectualism and morality amid the current widespread of liberalism in politics, as the market politics get freer rein? It is getting too liberal in economics too,” Jimly said at the Vice President’s Office in Jalan Veteran III, Gambir, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (5/2/2020).

Jimly believes that the strengthening of market liberalism must be balanced with equal strengthening of awareness in science, technology, and morality. He stated that Ma’ruf welcomed his opinions and explained to him the new directions for Indonesia’s economic development. “He was enthusiastic about our ideas. He further discussed with us the new direction of Indonesia’s economic development, as well as new directions for developing and strengthening higher education,” he said.

ICMI further suggested that Ma’ruf pay more visits to campuses in order to support the efforts to contain both market liberalism and radicalism. Ideas for strengthening colleges were mostly submitted by former Bogor Institute of Agriculture (Institut Pertanian Bogor – “IPB”) Rector Herry Suhardiyanto. “As a former IPB Rector, he submitted many inputs on how we hope the Vice President can be more accommodating to us intellectuals – road shows to campuses, for example. We need to strengthen the collegial world, including by strengthening our scientific culture. This will help us battle radicalism on campuses,” Jimly said.

The meeting also discussed Bank Muamalat as a symbol of shari’a economic practice, as well as a bank wakaf (bank for charitable contribution purposes). Jimly stated that Bank Muamalat contributes greatly to the people’s economy. “Even though it is now privatized, the impact of its dakwah or proselytizing is widespread. We are expanding this base, including the idea of expanding a wakaf bank as a cooperative movement, a micro financial institution, to build up on ideas that we have discussed before,” he said. (des)