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I Made Sudiadnyana: Glad to be able to share


 IO – I Made “Lolik” Sudiadnyana said that he did not know how much the results of his jersey auction for Indonesian basketball activities against Covid 19 pandemic would total. 

“The one who knows is Augie Fantinus, I don’t know, and I don’t have an Instagram account,” Lolik said. Augie is the originator of social activities for these basketball legends. 

Lolik donated two jerseys. “The jersey which has been sold is my Bulls jersey. I got it when I joined them in the Asian Championship a few years ago,” he explained. 

“My Bhinneka jersey just started being auctioned today,” he said when contacted on Saturday 11 April. 

During the stay at home because of the Covid 19 pandemic, Lolik spent time doing fitness to maintain his physical condition. “I’m glad that I have my own gym. Now I’m just doing fitness, while on holiday I don’t play basketball,” he said. 

Andi “Batam” Poedjakesuma is also pleased to be able to participate in the Indonesian #basket jersey auction against Covid 19. “I was bundling the auction with Mario Wuysang for Rp. 6.5 million,” Batam said. 

“It should probably be more because at the last time my green Pelita Jaya jersey was offered at IDR 4.5 million, but because the time was up – yes it’s okay. I’m happy to be able to share,” he said. 

“It turns out that the former player’s jersey is still selling well,” he continued. “I plan to hold an auction again. I am happy to be able to share,” he said. 

Legends are never forgotten. Thank you Lolik, Batam and comrades of Indonesian basketball legend for your social expression. May Covid-19 leave soon. (rp) 


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