Hygiene at home with Samsung Digital Appliances

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Samsung Electronics Indonesia has proven its commitment as a technology leader that always prioritizes consumers by launching the latest Digital Appliance range to provide comfort for Indonesian families while confined to their homes. Samsung Air Dresser, an innovative premium clothing care system, is Samsung’s flagship for maintaining clothing hygiene, Samsung Air Purifier to maintain good and clean air quality in the home with the Multi-Layered Purifying System capability, and Samsung Wind-Free AC (Air Conditioner), which provides cool air comfort with soft, soothing gusts. The three Samsung Digital Appliances products are supported by the latest technology that combines smart hardware and software to create a personal experience that makes life more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more meaningful, especially are at home full time #dirumahaja (staying at home). 

Michael Adisuhanto, Head of Home Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics Indonesia said that the current situation faced by all Indonesian people encouraged the government to issue Work From Home, online-based schooling, where most activities were carried out at home. Therefore it is very important to be able to create a sense of comfort, security and stay happy at home during activities. 

Helping to make it happen, Samsung offers the latest technology solutions through a range of superior Digital Appliances. Together with Samsung Air Dresser, a premium clothing care system that sanitizes various types of clothing through the ability of steam, deodorizing, and drying to ensure clothes are free from dust, bacteria, and mold. To maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the air in the house, Samsung Air Purifier is a solution for Indonesian families who want the freedom and confidence to control air quality at home. “Likewise, the Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner becomes one of Samsung’s newest products with Wind-Free™ Cooling technology, quickly and more energy-efficient to bring the coolness of the room without blowing wind directly to the occupants of the room, while filtering out harmful particles in the air. “All of them are part of Samsung’s efforts to help maintain family comfort and health and create a hygienic environment, starting from home,” he said. 

Samsung Air Dresser is an innovative device for treating clothes by using strong air and steam to clean, eliminate uncomfortable odors, sterilize and dry while maintaining the quality of clothing. 

Samsung Air Dresser is equipped with the abilities: 

1. Water Jet and Jet Hanger are capable of removing dust and odors from the inside and outside of clothes quickly and quietly. 

2. Jet Steam which blows a strong gust of air to enter high-temperature steam into clothing serves to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and allergens. 

3. Heat Pump Drying offers clothes-drying that is soft and more cost-effective, as well as reducing fabric damage and shrinkage through low-temperature drying. 

4. Deodorizing Filter captures and removes odor-causing particles up to 99%, ranging from the smell of food, tobacco to the stench of sweat, keeping clothes fresh. 

Good air quality in the house also provides a sense of comfort and safety for families. House hygiene that is always maintained and the use of controlled chemicals can help maintain air quality at home. Even so, tiny particles of dust still have the potential to be a health hazard for families. The latest Samsung Air Purifier series produces more than fresh air but is also clean and healthy. With 3 steps of filtering, Samsung Air Purifier can remove 99.97% 0.3 dust and harmful gases, drain clean air from 3 directions of the unit (top, right, and left) to a large area to the corners of the room, presenting the comfort of breathing healthy air freely inside the house. 

Likewise with Samsung Wind- Free Air Conditioner, the latest offering from Samsung that gives attention to the comfort of users with Wind-Free technology that minimizes the feeling of discomfort due to the air current being too strong. Tri-Care Filter feature to improve indoor air quality also provides more comfort for people who are still dealing with dust and air pollution even at home, supporting the fulfillment of clean and pure air when they are #dirumahaja. 

“Applying the #hygienic attitude and steps from home can be a solution to reduce concerns in family protection efforts. Starting from the attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the air, to the clothes used and making sure the house is always clean, it can create a feeling of calm and safety. Samsung Digital Appliances technology support is increasingly providing user-friendly solutions through operations using the SmartThings application on smartphones. Activity at home becomes more comfortable and feels safe thanks to Samsung technical support,” explained Michael Adisuhanto 

Samsung Air Dresser, Air Purifier and Wind-Free AC all have a Health and Safety label, including a range of Samsung Digital Applications products, to ensure safety and comfort in the use of Samsung products in the home. Hygiene and family health are the most important thing at this time, so Samsung encourages the community to maintain hygiene starting from home, following physical distancing and eating healthy foods.