Hunting cheap pempek at Taman Pempek Village

(Photo: IO/Dessy)

IO, Palembang – Palembang is known as a popular city for its delicious pempek. The city even has a variety of tempting pempek variants. Many restaurants provide cuisine made from a mixture of fish and sago with a sauce called cuko or vinegar. 

However, if you want to find cheap pempek dishes, please come to Taman Pempek Village, located on Jalan Mujahidin, which is in the 26 Ilir area or not far from the Palembang Mayor’s Office on Jalan Merdeka. 

Here, various types of pempek are available, sold at a low price of only IDR 1,000 per piece. There is also a large size such as pempek lenjer sold for IDR 10,000. 

Along Jalan Mujahidin, there are dozens of stalls selling a variety of pempek. For those who want to enjoy it can eat on the spot or can be taken home and sent in packages with prices from IDR 50,000, IDR 75,000 to IDR 100,000/package. 

In addition to Pempek in Taman Pempek Village, there are other special foods such as tekwan, kemplang, and fish crackers. 

For quality, there is no doubt, because the shopkeepers produce them using fresh fish obtained from the fish market, which is right next to the village. The fish used are mackerel and super snapper. “Using other fish is not so good,” said Atik, one of the shop owners in the culinary area. 

This area is always crowded, and not only on holidays. This is because sellers are greatly assisted by promotion generated by the Palembang City Government. (dsy)