Hundreds of NGO send open letter to global leaders urging them to address world hunger

poverty is the main cause of global hunger
Poverty is the main cause of global hunger. (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

Jakarta, IO – More than 200 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 75 countries sent an open letter to global leaders who gathered in New York for the UN General Assembly session on Tuesday (20/9). They expressed anger at rising world hunger.

They pointed to the fact that there is one death every four seconds due to starvation. They also urged immediate action to end the hunger crisis.

“A staggering 345 million people are now experiencing acute hunger, a number that has more than doubled since 2019,” they said in a statement.

“Despite promises from world leaders to never allow famine again in the 21st century, famine is once more imminent in Somalia. Around the world, 50 million people are on the brink of starvation in 45 countries.”