Hundreds of KPPS personnel die

Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, Daughter of Indonesian Proclamator, Bung Karno. (photo: Harmoni Media)

Rachmawati Soekarnoputri: This can be categorized as a genocide

IO, Jakarta – Daughter of Proclamator Bung Karno, urged the General Election Commission (KPU) to evaluate the implementation of the simultaneous 2019 general elections promptly. Specifically, in the case of the 456 Voting Organizers Group (KPPS) personnel that died while on duty.

Rachma believes that this phenomenon cannot be ignored, as, for her, almost 500 deaths can be categorized as a genocide if not apparent what has happened. “If more than 5 to 10 people die, that is already a genocide, that is murder,” asserted Rachma from her residence in Jalan Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta on Monday night (13/5).

What’s stranger, said Rachma, is that the government seems to not care about the phenomenon which has been claimed by the KPU to be caused by exhaustion while on duty. “Where is the Minister of Health? Why is she quiet? She should be worried, no? Look at these people falling like this,” she said.

Rachma also touched on the case of the murder of Wayan Mirna by Jessica Wongso through poisoned coffee. According to her, that case was more interesting than that of the deaths of KPPS personnel. “That is already a question for me. In the case with Jessica, one person dies, and there was so much noise,” she concluded. (dsy)