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Hundreds of dual citizen children risk losing their Indonesian citizenship


Jakarta, IO – A total of 333 children with dual citizenship from mixed marriages in Surabaya, East Java, risk losing their Indonesian citizenship status if they do not immediately choose one nationality, per CNN Indonesia, Wed (22/5).

Surabaya Immigration Office also gave a final deadline, namely by the end of May. “We are giving a grace period of up to May 31 for children with dual citizenship aged 18-21 to be able to choose whether they want to become an Indonesian citizens or foreign citizens,” said the office head Ramdhani.

“If they do not choose, then they will lose the right to become an Indonesian citizen and automatically become a foreigner.”

The Indonesian Association of Mixed Marriage Communities (Perca) chairperson Analia Trisna said this policy presents a dilemma for many mixed marriage families.

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Analia said the process of choosing citizenship is a difficult matter the children. “It’s like having to choose between a father and a mother,” she said. “This is an emotional, stressful process for them.”

Analia hopes that the deadline can be extended to when they are 25 years old, or at least have graduated from college. (un)


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