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How the pandemic negatively affects mental health


drg. R. Vensya Sitohang, M.Epid
drg. R. Vensya Sitohang, M.Epid. (Source: MINISTRY OF HEALTH)

First, initially “normal” persons with zero mental health problems, but suffering from newly-developed issues after the declaration of a pandemic. 

Second, people who already suffer from mental health problems, with systems that worsened after the pandemic. “For example, say a person is already suffering from mental abuse in the home. The pandemic effectively locks them in the house together with the abuser, worsening their mental issues,” Dr. Hervita said. 

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Third, people who already suffer from existing physical and mental health problems – and have trouble accessing necessary health services, because of the pandemic. It is only natural that they become anxious on top of their physical and mental pain, which will give rise to – or worsen – internal diseases like hypertension, cancer, heart disease, etc. 


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