How should the modern world’s grand concept be placed?


Jakarta, IO – The international pattern has shifted from a hot war to a cold war throughout the last century. Following the Cold War, a new idea of “cold peace” emerged. With the recent changes in the international situation, some experts have claimed that, while there is no longer a Cold War, there are still continual fights. Is it feasible to use the term “Warm War” to characterize the developments in the world situation today? 

Officials in the United States appear to want to “form” a new “two camps” structure, forcefully bring China and Russia together, create a “Eastern camp,” and remodel the world map. Of course, some individuals are inspired by the year’s “three worlds” hypothesis and then combine the two strongest nuclear forces in the world, the United States and Russia. 

At the same time, China and the BRICS + all developing countries are highlighted as the “new third world” positioning, emphasizing the mainstream direction of its peaceful development and its strength and variable resilience; the original “Second World” is still the same, but it is more volatile than before. The G20 will gather soon. You may really notice the attitude divides of all parties, which may have greater practical reference value. 

There is an ancient proverb that goes, “Those who do not seek the general situation are not enough for a region, and those who do not seek the globe are not enough for a moment.” All nations are now paying attention to Ukraine, and they are all concerned about the evolution of certain wars, etc. These immediate concerns are insignificant. It is vital to have such a vision and pattern in order to seek the overall scenario, the overall situation, and the globe. 

The globe is generally till the end of World War II in 1945, then from the hot war to the cold war, and finally to the end of the cold war in 1991. Jeffrey Garten, an American scholar, published “Cold Peace: The Hegemony Contest between the United States, Japan, and Germany” in 1992. He thought the Cold War was finished, but it did not bring the desired tranquility. There is a “cold peace” throughout the world.