How regular exercise benefits mental health

    dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO.
    dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO. (MITRA KEMAYORAN HOSPITAL)

    However, many studies confirm that both physical and mental health will benefit from the same things: regular exercise, sufficient consumption of nutritious food, sufficient rest and hydration and quitting tobacco. 

    However, can exercise help us maintain mental health? 

    “Yes, as long as the exercise has clear objectives, meant to maintain overall physical, mental, and social health of the individual,” declared dr. Michael Triangto, Sp.KO of Mitra Keluarga Hospital Kemayoran, Jakarta, in a press release received by the Independent Observer last Friday (09/09/2022). 

    Exercise – and by extension, sports – are good for physical health, especially that of the heart and lungs; the bones, muscles, and joints; hormonal balance; metabolism; and movement, coordination, balance and skills. On the contrary, psychological issues such as stress may cause insomnia, irritability or even anger, all of which can manifest as heart palpitations, hyperventilation, and hypertension.