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How regular exercise benefits mental health


Jakarta, IO – WHO noted in 2022 that one out of every eight people, or 970 million people across the world, is said to be suffering from mental health problems: anxiety and depression are the problems most commonly reported. In Indonesia, the prevalence of depression in citizens 15 years of age or older in 2018 was 6.1%. 

Depression is indicated by…a depressive mood. A person suffering depression will be afflicted by deep sadness, an inability to feel joy, low energy levels, a sense of numbness, and a tendency to close themselves off to the world. They also tend to lose interest in things that they previously loved, and tire easily. This in turn lowers their level of activity and productivity, as it becomes easier for them to ignore their responsibilities. After all, you only feel responsible for something that matters to you, and what would be easier than not doing something because it no longer matters? Yet conversely, a person with depression also tends to feel guilty, desperate and useless. 

Depression may impair physical health, which in turn will lower performance levels and makes it difficult to achieve things. It also damages the quality of relationships one enjoys with family and friends, which may lead in turn to a poorer contribution to society. 


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