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How hijabis can keep healthy hair


Jakarta, IO – Wearing of the hijab continues to increase in popularity, year after year. However, its side effects include limp, oily hair, as well as dandruff. Indonesia has a tropical climate, which means that it is hot and humid here. dr. Danar Wicaksono, Sp.DV, M.Sc., Pertamina Central Hospital’s resident dermato-venereologist, explains why hijabers tend to run into hair problems, and how to handle the matter. 

“Dandruff is caused by, among others, excessive bacteria accumulating in the scalp. Among non-hijabers, hair becomes dirty because of pollution, while among hijabers, even though their hair is covered by a cloth all day and is not exposed to dirty air, oil and sweat accumulate on the scalp. This helps foster bacterial growth, which in turn triggers dandruff. If you are wearing a hijab, pay attention to the fabric that you use for the purpose. Don’t wear one that does not absorb sweat. To test it, stand with your back towards an electric fan while wearing your hijab. See if you can feel the wind in your hair or not. If yes, the cloth absorbs sweat just fine. For our climate, cotton is best,” dr. Danar declared in the Serasoft Serum Shampoo Hijab 3in1 launch in Jakarta, Saturday (08/10/2022). 

dr. Danar went on to explain how hair health is a quick indicator of the body’s overall health. Furthermore, having limp, oily, or dandruff-infested hair will affect self-confidence. “Other than using the right kind of fabric, make sure that your hair is totally dry, naturally, before you put on the hijab. Towel it properly and let it air dry, or use a fan if you want to do it faster. Yes, it takes longer than using hair dryer, but drying your hair naturally will prevent damage such as hair fragility, splits, or falling out in the future. Don’t use a hair dryer if you can avoid it , because constant high temperature damages the hair. Also, don’t tie your hair too tight because it will cause traction alopecia, which is baldness that is caused when the hairline is forcibly pulled back. Use haircare products that suit your hair condition to support regrowth and prevent falling. To further forestall falling hair, consume foods high in biotin,” he said. 


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