House’s Committee II halts discussion to revise Electoral Law

Chairman of the House (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat – “DPR”)’s Committee II, Ahmad Doli Kurnia. (Photo: DPR Doc.)

IO – The House of Representatives (DPR)’s Committee II held meetings with Head of Faction Groups about continuing discussions of Revisions to the Electoral Law. Committee II Chairman Ahmad Doli Kurnia stated that the Heads of Factional Groups have agreed to stop discussing the Electoral Draft Laws. “Earlier, I met with all of the leaders and Heads of Faction Groups in Committee II. In view of the recent developments within each political party, we have agreed not to continue the discussion,” Doli said to the press in the Parliamentary Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/02/2021).

Doli stated that the next step is to report this to the leaders of the DPR. “First thing to do is to report this to the leaders, who will then discuss with the Legislative Committee in the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will make a decision according to the official views of each Faction of the House, then submit the Summary to the Legislative Committee. Then the Legislative will determine whether they want us to discuss including this revision in the National Legislative Program (ProgramLegislatifNasional– “Prolegnas”) list with the Government; that’s how it goes,” he said. “And the question is whether we are going to drop the issue or not, that’s the authority of other organs: it’s not in my hands. Let the leaders of DPR RI resolve the issue.”

Doli went on to say that the situation is not conducive to discussing revisions to the Electoral Laws properly. “We cannot do that yet – our current great crisis is the pandemic. As the Asian country with the highest level of COVID-19 infections, our Government will naturally focus on COVID mitigation and economic recovery. It is just not the right time – we will deal with it soonest we find the time for it,” he said. (des)