House urges broadcast of LGBT “deviant behaviour” to be stopped

Indonesian parliament building (Source: Suara Merdeka)

Jakarta, IO – Member of House Committee I Jazuli Juwaini emphasized that there is no room for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and their “deviant behavior” in Indonesia. This follows a widespread public controversy sparked by the airing of a video podcast by mentalist-turned-Youtuber Deddy Corbuzier which is deemed to provide a platform for LGBT. Faced with mounting pressure, Deddy finally took down the content.

“Stop providing space for LGBT people in our country, let alone giving them public exposure to be heard and seen by the wider community, especially the nation’s young generation,” said Jazuli as reported by Parliament on Thursday (12/5).

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He also urged the Communications and Information Ministry (Kominfo) to be more proactive in supervising and monitoring deviant content on social media and digital platforms.