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House Speaker urges all to prioritize in national unity


IO, Jakarta – Speaker of the House (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia – “DPR RI”) Bambang Soesatyo (“Bamsoet”) has urged all citizens to restore and maintain social relations in order to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation. This is very important, as people remain divided after the 2019 Elections. “As a consequence of a difference in opinion during the Elections, political dynamics among the people have become quite tense. There seems to be no more friendly feelings and brotherhood among the sons and daughters of the nation. I am beseeching the elites and all elements of society to faithfully prioritize the interests of the State and nation above personal and group interests,” Bamsoet stated in a social gathering held in the environs of the Expertise Agencies and General Secretariat (Badan Keahlian dan Sekretariat Jenderal – “BK and Setjen”) of DPR RI, Jakarta, on Tuesday (18/06/19).

Bamsoet also requested that all citizens should do their utmost to re-establish togetherness, strengthen brotherhood, and leave all electoral disputes to the applicable legal mechanisms. It would be too high a price to pay if political differences due to the Elections causes a loss to the nation’s unity and integrity, especially if the very existence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is to be sacrificed. “Let us provide moral support to the judges in the Constitution Court to review and decide on the electoral dispute as honestly and fairly as possible. There should be no more mass mobilization, which will only cause more conflicts among the people,” he said.

Furthermore, Bamsoet explained that social gathering and networking (silaturahmi and halal bi halal) are part of the Islamic communities of Indonesia that are not found in other countries. As both a cultural and religious heritage, this tradition must be maintained and preserved. He finally said that everyone should use their time after the holy month of Ramadhan to improve their adherence to religious rituals and do good for their fellow men. There is no holiday for virtuous conduct, there is no abeyance in performing rituals, and there is no leave in doing good. We must do all this as a service to our State and nation. (dsy)


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