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House of Representative Chairman states that Indonesia’s vision touches on real issues. Fahri Hamzah: Presidential speech lack ideas


IO, Jakarta – The day after President-elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi) met with presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, he announced the proposed 2019-2024 Government program before his supporting coalition party, volunteers, and other Indonesian citizens, appearing live on national television. Jokowi read out his Vision of Indonesia 2019-2024 at the Sentul International Convention Center (“SICC”), Bogor, West Java, for 24 minutes. Naturally, there would be many and varied responses to such an important address.

In his speech, Jokowi announced programs for building up infrastructure and the economy, reforming the bureaucracy and developing our national human resources. He vows he will focus on these issues in his second term as President. The venue was packed with most of the ministers in the Working Indonesia Cabinet, general chairmen of coalition political parties, members of the Jokowi-Maruf Amin National Campaign Team, and tens of thousands of interested citizens.

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republic Indonesia – “DPR RI”) Chairman Bambang Soesatyo (“Bamsoet”) stated that the Vision of Indonesia declared by President Jokowi strengthens the people’s optimism. He believes that everything the President-Elect stated are solutions to people’s problems. According to him, the setting of program priorities is not airy, but directly touches on the real problems and needs of the various elements of society. “Starting from mother and child health, the need of micro, small, and medium businesses (usaha mikro, kecil, dan menengah – “UMKM”) for infrastructure support, allowing access for the Millennial generation, nurturing talented youths, to the expansion of job opportunities through the acceleration of investment growth,” he said at the Parliament Building on Tuesday, 16/07/2019.

He further stated that Jokowi seeks to make various approaches to ensure that the programs created are realized properly. “Jokowi invites the people to realize that times have and will continue to change. This continued change must be responded to with innovative thought patterns and behavior, including in the control and management of organizations. Old patterns and methods must be left behind, to be replaced by new approaches according to the needs of the times,” he said.

In order to implement Government programs, Bamsoet urges Government ministries and agencies, regional governments, and other institutions to respond and follow up the Vision of Indonesia 2019-2024 by creating meaningful programs that support each other and achieve the overall target for the sake of the people. “This optimism must be strengthened by the programs and action plans by all ministries, regional governments, and other Government institutions. Inevitably, all must be innovative and productive, in order to be able to realize the Vision of Indonesia,” he said.

Bamsoet’s statement seems to be a response to the statement by DPR RI Vice Chairman Fahri Hamzah, who hoped that many spokesmen would be able to explain the meaning of Jokowi’s address. Fahri stated that he does not understand what Jokowi is trying to say with his State address, especially one specific part: “I, for one, do not understand what he means by the ‘loss’ of the concept of law-based state in the speech. I am rather concerned about this,” he said.

Fahri thinks that the Vision of Indonesia as expressed by President Jokowi lacks ideas. He thinks that there are no ideas in the speech that represents the very basis of statesmanship, i.e. Indonesia as a democratic, law-based nation. “Come on, you secular liberal people who’ve been defending Jokowi – start becoming good spokesmen. Build up narratives that we can all discuss and debate over. Come on, defend that #VisiIndonesia speech. Let’s hear you tweet, refresh our nation with dialectics,” Fahri challenged Jokowi’s adoring supporters. (Dan)


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