House atmosphere as source of photographic inspiration

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The art of photography is an endless learning experience, even in the midst of a pandemic situation. In fact, learning photography does not demand use of a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera model. You can use existing smartphone devices to take pictures. 

Who says #BetterAtHome period means you are unable to be creative? Indeed, we can not freely take pictures of various objects outside the room like we used to do with friends in a tourist attraction? We do not have to feel “locked up” so that our creativity falters. 

Rio Motret, a well-known photographer engaged in fashion photography, shares interesting techniques, utilizing items at home as properties to produce a variety of cool photos. Through his Instagram account, Rio tells about the idea of making photo works using a smartphone device. 

Likewise, during the Rio join Instagram Live event with OPPO Indonesia on April 21, 2020, Rio also showed various techniques and photographing features on today’s smartphones to netizens and their followers. On the occasion, Rio used the OPPO Reno3 Pro device which has numerous in-camera features. 

According to Rio, the photo of a relaxed atmosphere with family could be an exciting object. Carpet or sofa in the living room can be used as a natural property without the need to spend money. However, you still need to make sure the photo properties are cleaned first. 

Rio also recommends smartphone users use the corners or interior of the house as backgrounds. You can also capture the workspace at home during Work From Home (WFH), selfies against a plain background of a house wall or wefie with a family that displays excitement while cooking in the kitchen. In addition, you can also redecorate the bedroom to be captured and the photos can be shared on social media. 

“The good thing about taking pictures using this smartphone is that whenever we see something interesting, it can be captured immediately, it doesn’t have to be complicated settings like using a professional camera,” Rio said. In addition, the right light effects also become the main supporting factor to be able to produce photos to be even more attractive. “Light is very influential; light can also provide a beautiful moment,” Rio added when explaining the technique of taking photos using OPPO Reno3 Pro. 

With the sophistication of the OPPO Reno3 Pro rear camera that has a 64MP Zoom Quadcam + 108MP Ultra Clear Image, you can produce aesthetic photography during the #BetterAtHome period. The ability of the smartphone camera can capture more light so that it can be used in a low-light room even with sharp, vivid, and clear photo quality. Similarly, the front camera 44MP + 2MP Dual Punch-hole Camera that can capture every area of the face in more detail with a deeper image depth. 

You can take advantage of the 3cm Macro Photography feature so that it will produce clearer Macro photos up to the closest distance of 3 centimeters from the object. Your collection of diecast toys or action figures can also be optimized into attractive photo objects for Macro photos. 

The results of the photo can be arranged into an interesting story through photography. Apparently there are many objects that can be explored. You can invite your family to make a small photo competition; the winner of the competition gets a takjil prize, or the loser is asked to make takjil for the whole family. The result could be a photo object again because the Reno3 Pro rear camera also has a feature to photograph food at a closer distance. Exciting right? 

Well, the limitations of movement and the freedom to do activities like now are apparently not an obstacle for you to make aesthetic works of photography or photo art. Even at home, start your activities and be creative through photos. Take advantage of the tools and improvised property at home, and try to find out-of-the-box and unique photo concepts using OPPO smartphones. Creative spirit!