House and Government prepare for 2024 Regional Elections

Vice Chairman of DPR’s Committee II Junimart Girsang. (Photo: DPR RI)

IO. – House’s Committee II (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat – “DPR”) held a Joint Work Meeting with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Elections Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”), the Election Supervisory Agency (Badan Pengawas Pemilihan Umum – “Bawaslu”), and the Electoral Ethical Council (Dewan Kehormatan Penyelenggara Pemilihan Umum – “DKPP”) to discuss the concept and design for the 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections. 

This Coordination Meeting discussed the particulars for the 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections, which cover the elections for Governor/Vice Governor, Regent/Vice Regent, and Mayor/Vice Mayor. The 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections are regulated in Article 201 Paragraph 8 of Law Number 10 of 2016, which rules that the Simultaneous Regional Elections shall be the biggest election in Indonesian history. 

The meeting was the first one to be held by the joint task force since its inception, during a recent DPR Committee II Work Meeting. Junimart Girsang, Vice Chairman of DPR Committee II, declared that they have appointed 12 of its members as members of the Task Force, which contains the leaders of Committee II and the Chairmen of Faction Groups in the DPR. 

“In this Work Meeting, DPR Committee II only coordinates the concept and design for preparation to implement the 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections KPU,” Junimart said after the Work Meeting that was held in the DPR Committee II RI Meeting Room, Nusantara Building, Senayan, Jakarta, on Monday (24/05/2021). “There are 12 of us. We Heads of Factional Groups of Committee II created a Joint Task Force with representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Bawaslu, and the DKPP. The representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs are the Director General of Regional Autonomy and Director General of Politics and General Government,” he said. 

Junimart went on to explain that the upcoming 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections will take in a total budget of IDR 26.2 trillion from the 2024 Regional Budget and IDR 86.2 trillion from the National Budget. “This amount is required to ensure that all necessary facilities and structures, including information technology, will be prepared properly. The budget includes both the costs for performing the stages and the supplies & equipment. We have 8,021,064 District Electoral Committee Voter Data Updating Officers (Petugas Pemutakhiran Data Pemilih Panitia Pemilihan Kecamatan – “Pantarlih PPK”); both domestic voters and voters residing abroad are ready, and they include members of the KPU in the Central, Regency, and Municipal levels,” he said. 

The Work Meeting also discussed the draft for the stages of the Simultaneous Elections, followed by coordination for the next 10 days, to follow up on the discussions on the first day. Junimart declares that the Task Force ensures that the upcoming Simultaneous Regional Elections in 2024 will be executed properly after efficient planning. “Through the Task Force, DPR discharges its duty to ensure that the National Simultaneous Elections can actually and properly be executed throughout the country in 2024, and this will happen through proper planning,” he said. (des)