Hospital suspends nurse who accidentally cut off a baby’s finger in Palembang

his baby
Suparman (38) shows a photo of his baby who was injured on his little finger as a result of being cut by a DN nurse. (Source: Special)

Jakarta, IO – A nurse, identified as DN, accidently cut off an eight-month-old baby’s little finger when she tried to open an intravenous drip bandage at a Muhammadiyah Hospital in Palembang, South Sumatra.

She has since been suspended by the hospital’s management for duty of care negligence, reported CNN Indonesia, Monday (6/2). The hospital’s vice director Muksin ensured that the hospital will take responsibility and cover the victim’s treatment.

“The hospital’s surgeons have completed the operation on the victim is undergoing intensive care treatment in the VIP ward,” he said.

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The incident was reported to police by the victim’s father Suparman, 38, a resident of Jakabaring district, Palembang, on Saturday (4/2). (un)