Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | 17:30 WIB

Horse-drawn buggies to be banned from Monas compound


Jakarta, IO – Central Jakarta city administration will immediately ban delman (horse-drawn buggies) from operating within the National Monument (Monas) area, said acting Central Jakarta deputy mayor Iqbal Akbarudin, reported Jawa Pos, Thursday (5/1).

He said there has been a rule than bans delman from Monas since 2016. “Delmans have been prohibited under Mayoral Circular Letter 36/2016.”

Iqbal said his administration, together with the regional working unit (UKPD) is forming a task force in connection with the ban. According to him, because the circular letter has not been revoked, he will enforce the regulation.

However, he said before the policy is fully implemented, his administration would first reach out to the owners of delman association. Other than Monas, the ban would extend to other areas including Thamrin St. and Hotel Indonesia (HI) roundabout. He also asked the public to support this policy.

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Separately, Central Jakarta Transport Agency head Wildan Anwar said the reason behind the ban is because the horse manure has made other road users uncomfortable. “At times, the manure is scattered everywhere, emitting a foul smell around the area,” said Wildan. (un)


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