Horison Hotels Group puts anti-Covid-19 measures in place to protect hotel guests

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – In connection with the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic status on Covid-19 and the issuance of guidelines for the prevention and handling of Covid-19 in Indonesia by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, such as scrubbing hands with soap and clean water, using masks when exposed to cough and flu symptoms, as well as avoiding direct physical contact with others, PT Metropolitan Golden Management – Horizon Hotels Group offers its support by taking measures to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in all hotel units under the auspices of Horison Hotels Group. This is being implemented for the health and comfort of all – both staff and hotel guests. 

Among the steps to suppress the spread of Covid-19 for guests and staff of the Horizon Hotels Group are checking body temperature, using a thermometer gun and using an antiseptic liquid (hand sanitizer) applied to both hands. This procedure is mandatory when entering a hotel area, both in the main entrance lobby and staff entrance areas. Hand sanitizer antiseptic liquid is also provided at the reception desk and hotel elevator area for the sake of maintaining hygiene. 

Hotel guests can enjoy traditional drinks that are thought to be able to increase body immunity, namely hot ginger, which is given free of charge in several units of the Horizon Hotels Group, in addition to fruit juice as a welcome drink. Hotel staff will provide direction to always maintain a distance to avoid physical contact between guests with a minimum distance of 1 meter, that applies in the security check area, reception, and Santan Restaurant. 

“We always try our best to implement official recommendations from the Ministry of Health in the context of prevention and handling of Covid-19 for the safety and comfort of hotel guests and staff. We want all to feel comfortable and safe while at our hotel,” declared Heni Juniarti, Director of Marketing Communications, Horizon Hotels Group. “We ask for cooperation from all, especially for hotel guests, so that together we can do our best to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”