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Horego: The latest food directory application from Indonesia, ready to became the Next Big Trend


Jakarta, IO – Horego is a food discovery app that has emerged to enliven the vibrant F&B industry and indulge foodies with a one-stop app experience.

“We hope that Horego can be a solution for the Indonesian community in finding dining places that suit their personal preferences, from where to eat to what to order,” said Kevin Osmond, Co-Founder and CEO of Horego.

Specially designed for culinary enthusiasts, Horego introduces an engaging and interactive way to explore the latest dining spots. This application simplifies the discovery of the best dining places according to location and is equipped with a variety of outstanding features.

One of those features is food or dining place search, through which Horego users can search for food or dining places based on location from city level to neighborhood level – as well as based on food types, place ratings, prices, and facilities offered by these dining places.

There is also the “Placelist” feature that allows users to create lists of favorite dining places and share them with the community. This provides an opportunity to curate and create inspiration for other users.

Kevin Osmond
Left to Right: Primo Rizky, Kevin Osmond, Chef Yuda Bustara, Tantri Namirah, David Soong, Gupta Sitorus and Tria Nuragustina. (Source: Special)

The most interesting feature is the Review feature. Users can view reviews in the form of text, photos and videos, as well as like reviews that they find helpful. Horego understands that every review is an important part of the culinary experience, so this app encourages users to share high-quality reviews that are beneficial to the community.

“Reviews with the most likes will appear at the top, allowing Horego users to get comprehensive and reliable recommendations effectively and efficiently,” Kevin helpfully pointed out. Users can also collect points for every review they leave, to receive exciting rewards.

Creative Industry Players Join as Horegeng

The Horego press conference held at SOLO Ristorante introduced Yuda Bustara (Chef), Tantri Namirah (content creator and owner of House of Kyny and Tantri Namirah Official), David Soong (Founder of AXIOO Photography and SweetEscape), Primo Rizky & Gupta Sitorus (creativepreneurs and owners of various businesses in the creative sector, including F&B), and Tria Nuragustina (senior food journalist) as Horegeng. These six public figures shared their respective versions of Placelists.

In one of his Placelists, Chef Yuda, whose reality show will soon air on a leading global OTT platform, recommends “Tempat Makan Favorit Chef Yuda Lewat Tengah Malam” (Chef Yuda’s Favorite Late-Night Eateries) as his go-to destinations after cooking shoot activities. Meanwhile, Tantri created the Placelist “Destinasi Wiken Favorit di Jakarta” (Favorite Weekend Destinations in Jakarta) which are her go-to spots for dining out with her husband.

David Soong, as a Horegeng, created the Placelist “Pagi-Pagi Nge-Brunch di Sini” (Early Morning Brunch Spots Here” (“as his favorite breakfast places in Jakarta. Gupta and Primo, as food curators, crafted the Placelist “Best of Blok M.” Tria created the Placelist “Sabang-Merauke di Bintaro,” inspired by local eateries in her neighborhood.

(Source: Special)

Blok M Food Tour

Solidifying its position as the latest review owner, Horego hosted the “Blok M Food Tour,” inviting media and food bloggers to explore hidden gems while leaving reviews on Horego. The tour visited RM Lokiin, Little Salt Bread, Uma Oma, Kari Umbi, and Fudgybro.

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During the tour, participants were told about the history of the Blok M area, including Melawai Plaza, built in 1983, and Disco Skate Lipstick in the Aldiron Plaza area—now Blok M Square—which was a place for a roller skating disco.

“The Blok M Food Tour unveils the golden era of Blok M, as a destination for #jaksel residents in the 1980s, long before it evolved into Little Tokyo. This explains the presence of retro buildings that are now occupied by trendy eateries,” said Gupta. One of the destinations, Kari Umbi, established its first location in Melawai Plaza. Gupta and Primo are also the owners of Mie Celor 6D, which, along with other creative players, revitalized this old mall through a contemporary dining experience. (des)


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