Homey Indonesian Dishes at Beranda Kitchen

A comfortable atmosphere with live music appearances make the visitors feel comfortable in this restaurant. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – No weekend in Jakarta is complete without enjoyment of typical Indonesian dishes. First open to the public in June 2013, the Beranda Kitchen restaurant/coffee bar located on Jalan Ahmad Dahlan, South Jakarta, is a distinct sort of eatery. Even the name ‘Beranda’ makes you feel as if you’re relaxing on your own veranda. It’s a homey place that you can feel comfortable in with friends and family.  The unique layout features a number of vintage seats and sofas – and naturally, a large veranda on the second floor.  Yet the place is formal enough to host meetings or weddings, if you choose to.

‘The “veranda” area is perfect for hanging out,’ says Tasya, the owner of Beranda Kitchen. She chose to name her establishment ‘Beranda’ (‘veranda’), not ‘Teras’ (‘terrace’), because it feels ‘old school’, ‘vintage’, and ‘friendly’. Beranda Kitchen knows how to play host to its guests the old-fashioned way: delicious dishes in the right portion, comfy and homey atmosphere, and easy-going live music.

The strength of Beranda Kitchen & Coffee Bar is its distinctly Indonesian cuisine. Most-frequently items on the menu ordered include the Medanese Gulai Ikan Sale, and Lontong Medan. These dishes draw on the Malayan heritage of Indonesian cookery. This place is just right for those who enjoy spicy Malay dishes like Paru Balado and Buntut Balado. These dishes will warm you up at night and keep you comfy during rainy days. Don’t worry that everything might get too hot to handle – there are also sweet Dutch-Indonesian desserts such as Kue Cubit. Topped with ice cream and chocolate, it adds another reason for you to love Indonesian food.

Other than proudly Malay-Indonesian dishes, the Beranda Kitchen menu also offers Western dishes such as pasta and salads. ‘It’s actually my parents who established this restaurant in 2002, under the name Sari Melayu. In 2013 I decided to update the concept by renaming it “Beranda Kitchen”, while maintaining its distinctly Malay flavors,’ Tasya said.

The restaurant is open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. on Mondays-Thursdays, with closing hours extended to 01.00 a.m. on Fridays-Sundays. Its strategic location and familiar atmosphere ensures Beranda Kitchen is recommended for those of you nostalgic for the dignified yet relaxed atmosphere of a Malay home.

(Muhammad Akbar)