Home Ministry supervises regions not setting up 2022 APBD

Agus Fatoni
Acting Director-General of Regional Finance of the Home Ministry Agus Fatoni. Photo: KEMENDAGRI.GO.ID

IO – The Home Ministry directly provides financial management supervision for regional governments that have yet to announce their local government budget (APBD) for the 2022 fiscal year. 

Acting Director-General of Regional Finance of the Home Ministry Agus Fatoni stated that as of January 28, 2022, only 497 regions from a total of 548 provinces and regencies/cities in Indonesia have drawn up their 2022 APBD. 

“The Home Ministry visits regions to assist and supervise ones that have not set up their APBD,” explained Agus in a press release, Sunday (1/30/2022). 

On January 26-28, the Home Ministry organized assistance and supervision activities for five regencies in the Meepago tribal regions in Papua: Nabire, Deiyai , Paniai, Dogiyai and Intan Jaya. Of these five regions, only Nabire Regency has drawn up an APBD for 2022. 

The realization of the 2021 APBD in the Meepago regions is still relatively low. In Deiyai Regency, the revenue realization was 86.53%, and the expenditure realization was 75.08%. “The realization of local spending in Papua is mostly below average,” Agus explained. 

Establishing a local government budget at the right time will significantly affect the availability of basic services and the realization rate of the current budget year. “If an APBD has not been set up, regions will find it difficult to spend for operational expenditure related to basic services for the community. And the realization of the regional budget will be disrupted,” said Agus. 

Agus hopes that all local governments will consistently implement the Regional Government Information System (SIPD), including planning and budgeting modules, administration & accounting and reporting. The Home Ministry has also formed a helpdesk team that will directly assist regions using the information system. “If the regions encounter problems related to the SIPD, they can directly coordinate with the helpdesk team,” he explained. 

By using the information system, the Home Ministry will be able to monitor in real-time regions that have not drawn up their APBD. Then the Ministry can provide assistance and supervision to expedite the APBD establishment for the APBD realization to run optimally. 

“Assistance in the five regencies could encourage all regional apparatus to accelerate the process of setting up their APBD, so that the 2022 APBD realization will improve and (the regions) can serve as the center of knowledge in the SIPD implementation in Papua,” concluded Agus. (eka)