Hojja Coffee: Sipping coffee in a garden cafe

Hojja Cafe is a cafe with natural nuances combined with an industrial concept. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Passing Jalan Raya Sawangan, Rangkap Jaya Baru, Depok, about 250 meters from the Sawangan Gate Toll Exit, you will see a cafe with a unique natural nuance and a mix of industrial combination, Hojja Coffee. It is located right next to Treeplants, Plants Studio, and Nursery, businesses that sell ornamental plants, currently trending during COVID-19. 

Hojja Coffee was founded in early October 2020 by five friends who are all involved in the event organizer field: Dicky Cahyadi, Dwi Putra, Miftakul Arif, Muhammad Fadil and Chiefy Pratama. 

Dicky Cahyadi, the owner (who also handles cafe operations), said that during the pandemic the event organizer business was in freefall, so he and his friends decided to create a profitable business. Initially, they built a hobby-related business, namely Treeplants, in August 2020. 

“We initially established Treeplants, then the visitors always ask whether there is a coffee shop to wait at. There were none around here, and we saw the opportunity so, in the end, we decided to build Hojja Coffee shortly, since we happened to have a place for it,” said Dicky. 

Garden Cafe concept. 

Hojja is taken from the Spanish language, which means leaf. Like leaves that can provide a sense of comfort, so is Hojja Coffee which wants to provide a sense of comfort to visitors. 

To suit the Treeplants next door, inside the cafe, there are potted ornamental plants to decorate the inside and outside to make it look more beautiful. Like the garden, the Hojja Coffee is an open space and the floor is made of paving blocks. There are also wooden ornaments, as well as wooden benches and tables made from garden benches. 

The garden cafe concept is combined with a semi-permanent building using light steel, giving a hint of an industrial look. The use of a green container booth with a combination of wood adds more to the industrial vibe. “Other cafes have air conditioning, we have an open space and a garden with a lot of trees. Let us be different from the others,” said Dicky. 

Hojja Coffee can be a hangout place for Treeplants visitors and local people who want to come to enjoy Hojja-style coffee and desserts. According to Dicky, Hojja Coffee’s target market is 50 percent of Treeplants visitors and 50 percent of other visitors who are interested in the unique building concept. “We only provide a drink and pastry menu, no heavy meals,” said Dicky. 

As a hangout place, Hojja Coffee has 20 seat capacity. Not too much, because operating during the COVID-19 pandemic must maintain health and social distancing protocols. For that, each table is spaced and only for 2 visitors. 

Despite its minimalist size, Hojja Coffee provides pretty good facilities. Hojja Coffee offers shows from Netflix and provides a wireless audio mix. Thus, in the future, it can be used for visitors who want to hold meetings and gatherings, with presentations displayed on a television. 

Featured Menu. 

As the name of the cafe implies, this cafe has an excellent menu that is given the same name. Hojja Coffee is a palm sugar milk coffee that uses a mixed blend coffee, consisting of 70 percent arabica coffee and 30 percent Robusta coffee, as well as milk and palm sugar. 

Other coffee menus include Affogato, a coffee served with Ice Cream, Hot Cappuccino, Americano Black Coffee, Ice Cappuccino, Coffee Beer, Hot Latte, and Iced Latte. Hojja Coffee also provides drinks in 1 liter and 250 ml sizes, namely 1lt Hojja Coffee-To-Go and 250 ml Hojja Coffee-To-Go. 

Hojja provides different single-origin coffees every month or every two weeks. For example, this week there is single-origin coffee from Solok and Toba, while previously customers could order Mix Java and Mandailing single-origin coffee. 

This single-origin coffee is a type of pure Arabica, which is then processed alone using a manual brew technique. Visitors who want a very dark taste of coffee usually choose coffee with V60, which is served warm without milk and sugar. Some prefer brewed coffee using Sweetened Condensed Milk (SKM). Another option is Japanese-style, which is manual brew coffee using ice. 

As for the non-coffee menu, Hojja Coffee also provides Hojja Tea, which is processed from tea with sugar and original pandan extract, Ice Chocolate, Hot Chocolate, Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Lychee Tea, Ice Matcha, Hot Matcha, 1-liter Matcha-To-Go r and 250 ml Matcha-To-Go. 

For snacks, Hojja Coffee serves a combination menu, consisting of French Fries and Sausages. Also, a Mix Platter consisting of French Fries, Chicken Wings, and Sausages. There are also French Fries with Hojja Spice, Mayo, and Cheese Sauce.

Unlike the other French Fries, French Fries ala Hojja Coffee uses special delicious crisper spices. Hojja Coffe also serves an Otak-otak menu. As for pastry, Hojja Coffee serves a menu of Brownies, Croissants, Danish, Muffin Chocolate, Muffin Cheese, and Potato Donuts. 

Apart from these fixed menus, every month Hojja Coffee serves other excellent menus. In November, Hojja Coffee serves other menus such as Macaroni Schotel, a trendy Korean Garlic Bread, and Bamboloni, an Italian donut with a filling. Hojja Coffee will also serve a Soft Chocolate Cake menu which tastes sweet as a friend to accompany the bitter Americano coffee. 

Hojja Coffee is open every day from 09.00 – 22.00 WIB with peak hours above 15.00 WIB on weekdays. On weekends, Friday-Saturday- Sunday Hojja Coffee opens early, because it attracts a group of cyclists who pass by on Sunday mornings. Hojja Coffee has plans to open Treeplants and Hojja Coffee branches in Serpong, Tangerang at the end of the year. (Kartika Indah)