Hitman returns: David Foster and Friends Live in Indonesia 2024


Jakarta, IO – Along with Afgan, previously announced as a guest star at the “Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends Live in Indonesia 2024” concert, Rossa will join the David Foster & Friends concert, officially announced by Color Asia Live in Jakarta. 

“I can’t wait to return to Indonesia on June 15th at ICE BSD City, to perform alongside all my special friends and guest stars. We had a great time last year, and this year we aim to make it even better and bigger. I will bring my all-star lineup, including Josh Groban, Jessie J., Brian McKnight and Katharine McPhee. I am also happy to announce that Afgan and Rossa will join my lineup this year; both are incredible artists from Indonesia, and I am thrilled to have them on board,” commented David Foster. 

David Ananda, Managing Director Color Asia Live, said that tickets were nearly sold out, leaving just three sections in the front row. “As the promoter, we planned to add more seating quotas for the limited platinum zone, as it is the most frequently requested by the David Foster and Friends audience, who mostly ask for the platinum tickets,” he explained. 

“Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends Live in Indonesia 2024” will take place at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City on Saturday, June 15, 2024. 

David Foster, a producer and musician with 16 Grammy Awards, will return to lead the Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends live in Indonesia 2024 performance. David Foster and Friends will perform with Brian McKnight, Jessie J., Katharine McPhee, special guest Josh Groban, and local renowned musicians Rossa and Afgan. 

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David Ananda added that the night of June 15 will be a memorable and historical evening because the concert will present an unusual all-star line-up to appear at ICE BSD Jakarta. “It will be a special evening; it feels like a gathering of world-renowned musicians coming together for one event and on one stage. Not only that, but two of the best-known Indonesian singers will enliven the David Foster All Star Friends concert: Afgan and Rossa. The selection was tough because there are many other talented musicians who, of course, wanted to be a part of the Hitman Returns David Foster and Friends 2024 performance; nevertheless, only Afgan and Rossa were chosen to share the spectacular stage with David Foster this year,” he explained. 

Don’t miss your chance to share the joy at the most interesting concert this year. Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends Live in Indonesia 2024. (des)