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“History Continues!” JogjaROCKarta Festival 2022 is back


Jakarta, IO – Responding to the recent revival of the Indonesian music festival scene, Rajawali Indonesia, as the promotor of JogjaROCKarta Festival, decides to change the theme and concept of watching the show. Initially, the JogjaROCKarta Festival 2022 theme was “Rock on Jeep” – in other words, the audience was requested to enjoy the show on jeeps (à la drive-in). Now, the theme is changed to “History Continues”. 

“After a two-year hiatus, we are finally able to organize JogjaROCKarta again. In our journey, we have undergone a shift of dynamics relating to regulations for organizing music festivals in Indonesia. With the theme of ‘History Continues’, we are declaring that we continue the JogjaROCKarta journey, with new spirit and experiences,” said Anas Syahrul Alimi, Founder, Rajawali Indonesia and CEO of JogjaROCKarta Festival. 

Even though the theme changed, they will still provide jeeps to pick up the audience from the meeting point and transport them to the venue. “In response to the latest condition, we made several changes. Firstly, our initial concept was made to respond to existing regulations, i.e. to enforce distanced watching. We think the best way to make the audience separate from each other is if they watch on jeeps, thus ‘Rock on Jeep’. But now that ruling is gone, it becomes more effective for us – we can get more audience members, they can all stand, jump around, mosh. We are returning to the original rock musical scene,” Anas said. “Our target is to get 10,000 audience members a day.” 

Other than the 11 headliners for the event – Burgerkill, Dead Squad, Superman is Dead, Serigala Malam, The Hydrant, Jamrud, Edane, Seringai, Death Vomit, Voice of Baceprot, and Prison of Blues, JogjaROCKarta added three more bands to the lineup. “To further enliven JogjaROCKarta Festival 2022, and to celebrate the sheer variety of rock music in our event, we added three bands to the lineup. Two of them are homegrown here in Yogyakarta: Sangkakala with its Heavy Metal genre, The Melting Minds with its Psychedelic Rock genre; and the third one is Surabayan rock legend, Grass Rock,” said Bakkar Wibowo, Co-Founder of the JogjaROCkarta Festival. 


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