Hike up to Mount Galunggung

Crater of Mount Galunggung. (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO – Mount Galunggung is one of the active volcanoes in West Java with an altitude of 2.1767 mdpl. Located in the Village Linggarjati, Tasikmalaya regency is only about 17 kilometers from the city of Tasikmalaya. Historically, Mount Galunggung spilled its lava for the first time in 1822, then in 1894 and last in 1982.

Mount Galunggung is a mainstay tourist attraction for the Government of Tasikmalaya District which has 2 interesting spots such as, galunggung crater is surrounded by a beautiful green lake and hot water bath.

The Galunggung crater is a place frequented by local tourists and organizations who are nature lovers. From this spot, tourists can access all the famous exotic panorama. So, everyone is able to capture the moment and celebrate the moment.

To be able to enter the tourist area of ​​Mount Galunggung, tourists will be charged a fee of Rp 6,500 / person. And will incur an additional charge of Rp 2,000 if you want to go to the crater.

Crater of Mount Galunggung
The most famous tourist attraction visited by many tourists is the crater of Mount Galunggung. The location of this scenic crater is at the top of Mount Galunggung. The water is green and there are many marine habitats like colorful fishes. For tourists who have a fishing hobby, this area is perfect for catching fish located at the bottom of the lake of Mount Galunggung crater.

During the hike to the crater, tourists will be treated to a row of pine trees and a view of monkeys hanging. In the midst of the Galunggung Mountain crater, there is also a small cluster with red and white flags fluttering gallantly on top.

Not far from this location, there are many stalls selling food and beverages. The existence of these stalls ease the tourists who do not have to carry too much logistics. Interestingly, tourists or climbers can also spend the night by setting up a tent around the crater.

Mt. Galunggung journey. (photo: IO/Yoga)

The journey to Mount Galunggung
There are 3 alternative access to the mountain attractions. First from the direction of Tasikmalaya City, from Indihiang to Sukaratu, second, from the intersection of Pondok Pesantren Cipasung, tourists can directly take to the right, third, and the most recommended is from Cisayong.

To arrive at the crater area we can take 2 alternative climbing routes. First, the usual climbing route used by tourists are, passing 620 steps up to the peak. On the way to the summit of Mount Galunggung through this path, we will be spoiled by the incredible natural scenery while enjoying the cool air which is typical of Mount Galunggung.

The second route is, towards the water drain, from the entrance of the crater, turn left. The natural panorama presented in this path is more beautiful and amazing. Here, there is also a drinking water disposal inscription. However, the existence of stalls in this area is less than the first line. (Yoga)