Hidden natural beauty in West Nusa Tenggara – Mandalika

Mandalika beach. Fine white sands and calm waves, make the tourists more comfortable. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Not only Gili Islands and Lombok, even West Nusa Tenggara now has Mandalika, newly inaugurated as Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the government. Currently, the Indonesian government has 12 SEZs, and four of them are tourism KEK (SEZ), namely; Mandalika (West Nusa Tenggara), Tanjung Kelayang (Bangka Belitung), Tanjung Lesung (Banten), and Morotai (Maluku Utara). KEK(SEZ) Tourism is the “merchandise” for the Indonesian government to investors for the development of the country’s tourism industry. Simply put, more and more tourists are visiting the country thus, revenues from tourism will also increase.

Located near the island of Bali, Mandalika is selected as the next hidden gem of tourism in Indonesia. Mandalika is a part of West Nusa Tenggara and has attracted many tourists from time to time. Consisting of beautiful beaches and lush hills, it is a great place to enjoy nature and find peace. Even the government has provided various facilities and accommodations for the support of those who visit the site. Some resorts can be found there, offering a comfortable place to stay while visiting Mandalika.

It is certain beaches became a major tourist attraction in Mandalika. Fine white sandy beaches with waves that sweep quietly. The popular beaches are Tanjung Aan beach, Serenting beach, Seger Beach, Kuta Beach, and Gerupuk Beach. Activities such as surfing, diving, or just sunbathing of course can be done there. For those who want to explore the hills, Seger Hill can be visited. Then there is the Village People Village Sade and People Village Ende typical of the Sasak tribe, the original inhabitants of the island of Lombok located not far from the KEK(SEZ) Mandalika.

In addition to a very long beach and the sand was very soft, another charm in Mandalika area is the undulating green hills. On the left and right of this region they have a very beautiful grassland which can viewed from a height. You can enjoy a dazzling green carpet and also the beach below it. This hilly region began to be visited by many tourists at this time. On average they come to relax, see the farm animals who accidentally grazed here, or a photo hunt until satisfied. Explore all the places in this area before you regret it when returning home.

Each year, there are festivals held namely Bau Nyale Festival. The festival is in the form of traditional Sasak tribe who capture sea worms in Pantai Seger, every February or March. In contrast to Bali, you will rarely encounter a bar or nightclub along the road of Lombok. So even in Mandalika, because the majority of people in West Nusa Tenggara embrace Islam. However, a number of eating places still sell beer. A more exciting night revelry can still be found in a large hotel complex.

Located in an area of 1,034 hectares, KEK(SEZ) Mandalika has a very strategic location. Mandalika is about an hour’s drive from Lombok International Airport or a half hour drive from Lombok city center. Just like Bali frequented by foreign tourists, Mandalika also provides a large selection of vehicles that can be used towards Mandalika, ranging from public transport to car rental. Fine white sandy beaches with waves that sweep quietly, is ideal for those who want to relieve their tiredness from the frenetic big city congestion.

Mandalika arguably has a good natural protection and is a great place to get closer to nature. Many tourists come to the site to enjoy its beauty and learn a little of the culture of Lombok. According to legend, Mandalika name comes from a beautiful princess from Sasak tribe. Many princes’ wanted to marry her even though she was hesitant. As she did not want to hurt any man, she decided to plunge into the sea. At that time, many marine worms appeared magically.

KEK(SEZ) position of Mandalika is also fairly positioned on the island of Lombok. Located 30 minutes from Lombok International Airport. As a vacation spot that could be considered a fairly new interesting place and definitely worth recommending Mandalika for those of you who want to travel to Nusa Tenggara. (aldo)