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Heroes of Sumba’s harbor and city

IO – When the ships moor against the loading and unloading piers, it does not mean that their engine are simply off as the other engines will remain alive to pump water to keep the ship afloat and do not drown. That is, the longer the mooring of the vessel, the more costly the fuel will be. Therefore, loading and unloading activities should be done quickly and effectively in an effort to minimize the cost incurred.

Loading and unloading atmosphere at Badas harbor, Sumbawa Besar – Nusa Tenggara Barat. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

When the Independent Observer was there, the corn harvest season had arrived in the city of Sumba. Rows of trucks have lined up along the harbor to load the crops. One by one the truck docked to the hull to unload. For one truck itself, it can carry about 10 tons of corn.

A labor team consisting of 8 people immediately worked to unload the entire corn from the truck in no more than 10 minutes. After on truck finished, then the next truck come and so on.

It all relies on the speed, alertness, cohesiveness and strength of the harbor workers. They can be said to be real heroes. Not only do they possess prime stamina, but they also have to put on dark glasses and  tight clothes covering the entire body and thick gloves which they also wear on their hands. Those costumes and equipment are needed to protect them from the heat and sun burning during their work.

They work tirelessly and occasionally seen gulping fresh water from a bucket provided around the area. Sometimes, they work from morning to evening, according to job requirements.

At least that is the view of loading and unloading the activities of day laborers at Badas Port, Sumbawa Besar – West Nusa Tenggara. (Prasetyawan)

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