Hero Group supports marine conservation

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – PT Hero Supermarket, Tbk. (Hero Group) once again strengthened its commitment to supporting environmental conservation, by presenting a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in the form of cooperation with the Jakarta Aquarium, manifested as the distribution of donations of food still suitable for consumption for animals under the auspices of the Jakarta Aquarium. 

Head of Corporate and Consumer Affairs of PT Hero Supermarket Tbk Diky Risbianto explained Hero Group faithfully prioritizes the spirit of sustainability to maintain its business which in this program is realized in the form of implementing waste management of expired food products. In implementing CSR, Hero Group is guided by ISO 26000 where the approach is carried out holistically and has an impact on business, the environment, and society. “Through this activity, Hero Group hopes to help ease the operational burden of the Jakarta Aquarium in meeting animal feed needs so that animal conservation can continue,” explained Diky. 

Furthermore, regarding the quality of food donated through Hero Supermarket and Giant’s food business units, Diky ensures that the quality factor will always be a concern. “All donations of consumable food products will be monitored through the quality control stages of the Hero Group and the Jakarta Aquarium to ensure that all are still suitable for consumption and have good nutritional content for animals,” Diky said. 

Jakarta Aquarium is the first indoor wildlife conservation center in Indonesia that offers both recreational and educational experiences to discover the underwater world and to see aquatic creatures more closely. Fira Basuki, Head of Social, Branding, and Communication of Jakarta Aquarium also welcomed the initiative by Hero Group for the implementation of this CSR activity. “Donation of animal feed by Hero Group is very beneficial for the preservation and welfare of a variety of aquatic and nonaquatic animals in the Jakarta Aquarium, especially in pandemic conditions like this one,” Fira said. 

The collaboration between Hero Group and Jakarta Aquarium will run for one year and does not rule out the possibility of being extended or expanded to a wider form. In fact, cooperation between Hero Group and the Jakarta Aquarium is one of a series of celebrations for the 49th anniversary of Hero Group. The commencement of cooperation between the Hero Group and the Jakarta Aquarium will be marked by the implementation of the “Hero For Nature Fun Learning Tour” which coincides with the celebration of National Children’s Day, in collaboration with the Indonesia Champion Foundation. 

Hero Group realizes that children as the next generation of the nation have an important role to play in the conservation of animals and the environment. “Through the Hero For Nature Fun Learning Tour program, Hero Group hopes to inspire all to foster a sense of concern for animals and the environment, even early on,” explained Diky. 

The Hero For Nature Fun Learning Tour entails a tourism agenda as well as education about marine life in the Jakarta Aquarium, presented in a virtual form. The activity will take place periodically for one month, from July 23 to August 23, involving more than 500 children from 28 schools throughout Indonesia. “The fun learning tour activities is expected not only to help conserve animals but also to introduce the importance of marine life from an early age, so that it is hoped that it can foster children’s sense of concern for the survival of animals, especially marine life,” said Diky.