Hendry Saputra: Covid-19 Negative

Hendry Saputra. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

 IO – The Chief Coach of the Men’s Singles Association of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) Hendry Saputra Ho, was declared negative for Covid-19 after the results of the Swab Test he underwent came out tonight, Tuesday 31 March. 

Holding the status of a Patient Under Supervision (PDP) in the middle of a period of independent isolation after returning from Birmingham, England, Hendry underwent two tests at Pelni hospital. The first test was a Rapid Test, and the results were negative, followed by a more accurate Swab Test. 

“We just got news that the results of coach Hendry’s Swab Test were negative, and tomorrow he can go home,” said Achmad Budiharto, the Secretary General of PP PBSI. 

“This is good news, following the test results of athletes in Pelatnas Cipayung which were also negative. Hopefully we may always all be in good health and pass the Covid-19 outbreak,” he continued, as written in a PBSI release. 

Budiharto said Hendry will return to his home, but has not yet been active in the Cipayung Pelatnas, because the national training is still closed during the Covid-19 national emergency. 

Meanwhile, Jonatan Christie, one of Hendry’s students, stated that from the beginning he was optimistic that the coach would not be infected by Covid-19. 

“From the beginning I was positive thinking that coach Hendry was not affected by the Corona virus. I think that Hendry was just exhausted after returning from Europe, a long journey. I also believe his body’s endurance is strong; I hope that Hendry will be able to recover quickly and return to training as before,” said Jonatan. (rp)