Helmy Yahya: Don’t disappoint spectators!

Helmy Yahya: Basketball isn’t just about competition. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – TVRI President Director Helmy Yahya had an important message for Indonesian basketball athletes. “Never disappoint the spectators: they are willing to pay to see you. Do your best with your own styles in and outside of the court,” said Helmy at an event for the signing of a deal between the Indonesian Basketball League and TVRI in the TVRI Central Office, Senayan, Jakarta, on Tuesday January 7.

Helmy also urged that players learn public speaking. “I once held a basketball all-star (game), before (the game) we gave the players public speaking lessons,” he said. Helmy himself was once a basketball commentator.

“As an interviewer, I am most upset when an athlete I am interviewing only gives a short and superficial answer,” he said. Athletes are the main actors in sports events. Helmy gave the example of NBA players he had interviewed before. “When asking questions to NBA players, a question of only one line could be answered with 40 lines of sentences in an interesting style.”

“Athletes must be cool. As for basketball (athletes) I am sure they are already cool and have many fans. This must be maintained,” he said. Good competition will create good athletes. Good athletes will bring in many fans and, in the end, interest sponsors to take part in basketball which will in turn increase the wages of the players.

Basketball is not just about competition but entertainment. “When I use to be a commentator, I would call it ‘show time’. Only in basketball is a game accompanied by music,” he said.

“I want to point out how on the court it isn’t just about a game but also entertainment, music, cheerleaders – so it can revive national basketball.”

Basketball has been seen as quite valuable by TVRI. “This sport is loved by millennials, fitting for the tagline ‘TVRI Goes to Millennials,” he said. The Indonesian Basketball League one of three sports tournaments televised by TVRI with the others being the English Premier League and Badminton BWF World Series. “Although previously it was difficult to get a slot for basketball, finally we decided to put it before the English Premier League on Sunday. Hopefully, many football lovers can also enjoy the IBL 2020.”

TVRI will broadcast 12 IBL 2020 games live starting from the first series held in Sahabat Sports Arena, Semarang on January 10-12. The first game to be shown live will be between Indonesia Patriots and Pelita Jaya Bakrie on Sunday 12 January at 4.30 PM.

Helmy is happy that TVRI will be able to help support the development of basketball across Indonesia. “I am certain television viewers across all Indonesia who love basketball will watch this live broadcast. We have 360 broadcast towers spread across all of Indonesia, plus 77 digital broadcaster towers.”

The TVRI President Director hopes basketball fever will take over all of Indonesia with the help of these new live broadcasts. “Especially as Indonesia will be the hosts for the FIBA World Cup 2023 together with the Philippines and Japan; the basketball craze must start from now,” he said. (Rp)