Hello Summer
Beachfront vibes in downtown Bogor

Hello Summer
(Source: Caecilia Linggarjati)

Jakarta, IO – “Summer in the Mediterranean”. That’s the concept behind Hello Summer Café, Bogor. This highly-Instagrammable dive has a comprehensive menu featuring decently delish dishes. It’s no surprise that people tend to linger as they hang out here. 

On workdays, you don’t have the luxury of loitering in the café, located in Sukasari, Bogor. When we arrived, the reception staff ushered us to our seat. On that unusually hot, humid day, we chose to sit inside where the AC cools it. 

Hello Summer
Ice milk coffee and cherry coffee. (Source: Caecilia Linggarjati)

We chose a table with low seating at a corner that allows a free vantage of the entire café. From our seats, I can see why Bogorians are enthusiastic to sit here in Hello Summer: outdoors, attention is centered at a clear, shallow pond bordered with beach sand. A short distance away from the pond are groups of seats circling tables shaded by coconut leaf umbrellas. At a corner they have a long table with a coffee machine on one end, looking for all the world like a beach bar. Right within arm’s reach of the coffee are rows of green coconuts embossed with the “Hello Summer” logo. They are very popular with diners to drink on the spot or to take away.