Sunday, June 4, 2023 | 23:51 WIB

Held in a hybrid manner, EOS 2022 features 69 European flicks


EOS 2022 Poster Hor
Poster announcing Europe on Screen (EOS) 2022. (Source: EOS 2022)

This festival will open with a Dutch film “Do Not Hesitate” (2021) on June 16, and close with The Big Hit (2020), a French comedy film on June 26. EOS claims that they are always committed to showing quality and interesting films.

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EOS also provides support to the Indonesian film industry through the Short Film Pitching Project (SFPP) competition. Held since 2018, Indonesian filmmakers who have brilliant ideas for short films are invited to submit their ideas. The winner of the competition will receive partial funding to turn their idea into a film and show it at EOS in the following year. (un)


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