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Healthy skin, free from acne or early aging


Jakarta, IO – Everyone – especially women – wants healthy skin. Unfortunately, many factors affect the health of one’s facial skin, including age, environment, nutrition, and illness. These and other factors may give rise to skin problems, including early aging and acne. 

Facial skin possesses a natural cell replacement cycle. Skin aging is also a natural process that can be affected by both internal changes and external damage. Aging because internal changes show up in the form of slack and wrinkled skin, with facial expression lines showing up more distinctly. External damage to the skin is marked by dark age spots, deep wrinkles, epidermal atrophy or dry skin, and rough, leathery appearance. 

“Internal causes of aging include natural degradation of the skin cells and components, with a natural decrease in our body to regenerate our cells as we age. Environmental or external causes of skin damage include the sun’s rays, air pollution, and cigarette smoke,” explained dr. Lilik Norawati, Sp.KK, FINSDV, FAADV, CCA, dermatologist of the Kartika Esthetics Clinic in the Gatot Soebroto Land Force Central Hospital, Jakarta, in the “Skin Microbiome, Acne, Aging: Connecting The Dots” talk show organized by Derma XP. 

Avoid external causes of aging by protecting yourself against the sun’s rays and ceasing to smoke. Always wear sunblock lotion or spray before engaging in any outdoor activities, and use moisturizer to routinely provide extra nutrients for your skin. 


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