Healthy drink to enhance medical worker immunity

Officials at Puskesmas Purwokerto Timur II are given healthy drinks to enhance body immunity. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Purwokerto – Medical Workers are at the forefront in handling Covid-19. In addition to the need for medical appliances and gear such as personal protective equipment (PPE), they also need nutritional support, so that immunity is fortified when fulfilling their duties. 

A researcher from Jenderal Sudirman University (Unsoed), Purwokerto, Central Java, Prof. Ir. Loekas Susanto, Ph.D., concocted a Meniran-based functional health stimulus beverage that is said to be able to enhance immunity. In fact, this drink formula has been long-known, but is only widely acknowledged at this time. 

This functional beverage was given by the Pandemic Covid-19 Unsoed Team to medical workers in Purwokerto, namely, those at Wijayakusuma Hospital/DKT, Purwokerto Timur II Health Center, IDI Hospital, and the Office of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Banyumas Regency. Aid distribution was led by the Chair of the Unsoed Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM), Prof. Dr. Rifda Naufalin, SP, M.Sc. In addition to this functional drink, Unsoed also provided 200 medical masks for DKT Hospital. 

“I hope this healthy drink can increase body immunity, as I and my friends intend medical workers might have more immunity when carrying out their duties,” said Prof. Loekas to Unsoed Public Relations, Monday (4/13/2020). 

He hopes no more medical workers will become victims themselves in the task of dealing with Covid-19 patients. 

The Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture from Unsoed University also openly distributed these functional beverage ingredients, namely, meniran leaves, curcuma, cinnamon, plus brown sugar if desired. “Cook it over low heat until it boils. Chill and then it is ready to consume,” he said.