Health protocol alerts in cinemas

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Along with the launch of the “Indonesia Care” national campaign, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Indonesian Creative Economy Agency also released guidelines on the implementation of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) for hotel, restaurant, and cinema sectors. 

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of Indonesian Creative Economy Agency Wishnutama Kusubandio also conducted an inspection of the readiness of the new normal protocol implementation at one of the exhibitors, Cinema XXI, at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (10/7/2020). 

The Minister saw first-hand the new standard prepared by the cinema management. Starting from a body temperature check at the entrance, ticket queueing, food purchases that can be done by app, studios as the screening location, and information board. 

All were prepared by proper implementation of physical distancing, including hand sanitizers in every corner and the readiness of the staff, complete with required personal protective equipment, starting from gloves, masks, and face shields. 

On that occasion, the Minister was accompanied by the Head of The Security Maintenance Agency National Police Commissioner General Police Drs. Agus Andrianto, S.H., M.H, Chairperson of the Indonesian Film Agency (BPI) Chanf Parwez Servia, Deputy for Strategic Policy at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture R. Kurleni Ukar, Deputy for Marketing in the Ministry of Industry and Tourism Nia Niscaya and Acting Deputy for Resources and Institutional Affairs in the Ministry of Industry and Tourism Frans Teguh, Chairperson of the Indonesian Cinema Entrepreneurs Association (GPSBI) Djonny Syafruddin, and Head of Corporate Communications & Brand Management Cinema XXI, Dewinta Hutagaol. 

“Today we review how the health protocol is implemented. I confirmed the simulation runs well. Not only in the cinema, but we have also seen firsthand the protocol implementation in various other sub-sectors, such as hotels, restaurants, and also tourist destinations,” said Wishnutama. 

According to him, the simulation is important to be carried out so that all parties, both business people and the community, can understand the procedures well, so that when a cinema reopens, we remain safe from COVID-19 by practicing a health protocol. 

“Cinemas should not open if socialization has not been carried out properly, because we must avoid the risk of COVID-19, whatever it takes. I am not tired of reminding everyone that the sectors under tourism and the creative economy can run the protocol properly, right, and full of discipline,” he explained. 

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government previously issued a permit for cinema managers to reopen, starting on July 29, 2020, with the implementation of strict protocol. Responding to this, Wishnutama said the decision to open destinations or the creative economy sector was under the authority of the regional government, taking into account three things: the COVID-19 status, regional readiness, and the application of the health protocol itself. 

“That’s what we are doing right now so that whenever (the cinema) opens we are ready. With current health protocol guidelines, one of which covers the film sector, I hope this industry can be productive again from its production, exhibition, and other types of activities that have been halted for several months,” he said.